Does the General Election really affect the housing market?

When the Prime Minister called a snap General Election a few weeks ago many property professionals will have groaned, as historically the last nine General Elections have caused a slight dip in activity pre-election. The difference this time is that we have only had a run up of around 7 weeks, instead of the usual 6 months!

Perhaps this has caused a buck in the activity trend, at Bentons we have certainly seen activity levels stronger than we would have expected. Many potential buyers and sellers have not had time to let the usual doubts and uncertainty dampen their intentions to move house. This, coupled with a continuing lack of property available, cheap mortgage deals and a robust property market overall, has meant that transaction levels are as strong as ever.

There is also more sunshine on the way, and not just in terms of the weather! Traditionally, the number of sales in the market place are higher in the three months immediately after an election, so if you are considering a move, there couldn’t be a better time.

That certainly gets our vote!